Postcard Project

This is a series of small portraits in postcard size of strangers, people I have no connection with, people who pass through my life ever so briefly, with faces I instinctively strike a chord with.

PostcardProjectRobertO'BrienI work in watercolours and at speed, each portrait taking 2-3 hours to complete, trying to work impulsively.  Watercolour is the perfect medium for creating happy mistakes and mishaps. I always think of watercolour as a 50/50 medium, 50% one’s self and 50% letting the watercolour run off and do its own thing, without responsibility, at times completely breaking down likenesses and with heart rate elevated desperately trying to recover some likeness. Only on reflection being able to see if I’ve have captured anything worth keeping.

Painting strangers gives me the freedom of not having to seek approval from the person behind the face but still being left wondering more about the passing stranger, as a tree’s roots spread out beneath the surface so too, do these lives beyond their faces.